Toy Story 4 – my honest review

It is so hard to write a review about a movie that has only recentlycome out as I don’t want to give any spoilers away.

So if I am going on what my three year old thought She loved it and thought it was hilarious. She sat through the whole movie which is unusual so she obviously was enjoying it.

Now for my review!

The best thing about the movie is forky, forky is hilarious he was definitely my favourite character in the movie.

Poor Woody has the job of looking after him and it is honestly like looking after a toddler so parents can definitely relate to woody’s struggle.

There are funny moments in it like when Buzz listens to his inner voice, or when one of the characters is obsessed with getting Bonnie’s dad arrested so they don’t leave any of the toys behind.

I was very disappointed that the main characters weren’t featured more in the movie there was a bit at the beginning but they don’t have a big role throughout the movie.. like the hilarious alien’s was only seen once or twice.

What I think they are doing is moving more towards Bonnie’s toys becoming the main characters for the next generation of Toy Story fans.

Which I do understand but for the original fans it’s very difficult to come to terms with 🤣 I think they will have to re name it to something like Toy Story – The next generation or Toy Story – a new beginning it can’t just be Toy Story 5 if they aren’t going to use the original characters much.

People said the ending is really sad but I didn’t think it was that sad tbh but that may just be me because I’m heartless 🤣🤣

Bo Peep has a big role in this movie and because she is a lost toy she has turned into total bad ass that can do all sorts now! She isn’t the Bo that you have seen in the last 3 movie’s that’s for sure.

I have noticed that in the past few Disney remakes that we have seen the female characters have definitely had a much bigger role in the movies than ever before.

It is very colourful and eye catching so I can see why kids love it. I think everyone needs to see it especially Disney fans just because you have to.. If you claim to be a Disney fan and don’t go watch Toy Story 4 you are not a true Disney fan 😂

Oh yeh I forgot to mention the four new characters Ducky, Bunny , Gabby and some ventriloquist dummys.

Well Ducky and Bunny are quite funny and as I’m sure you guessed they are a duck and a rabbit who are originally carnival toys that are attached together and they have really good banter.

Then we move onto the terrifying dolls from the antique store. Gabby is a 60 year old creepy baby and she is pushed around by Jimmy Carr look a like ventriloquist dummys now if you think Gabby is a bit creepy these are like horror film level creepy. I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares lol

I think that’s all I have to say on Toy Story 4 if I think of anything else I will update this post!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your opinions on the movie!!

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Love to you all




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