Tonsillitis sucks!

I hate having tonsils because whenever I get any illness it always ends up on my tonsils but I’m pretty sure that this time it is the worst it has ever been as the dr wanted me to go to the hospital but I put a stop to that!

I don’t do hospitals especially not on my own because my anxiety just goes through the roof the last time I was in hospital I had a major panic attack especially when I thought Lee would have to leave me and this time he would have as we wouldn’t have anyone to really take care of Milly and

I would rather struggle and take the antibiotics than have to end up in hospital thats my very last resort!! The dr didn’t really understand why hospital wasn’t an option even when lee explained to her about my anxiety but that just shows the lack of understanding the drs still have for mental illness.

So let me ask you a question at which point in our evolution from Apes to humans did they decide we needed tonsils? Like what are they even for? It’s not like we need them otherwise they wouldn’t just remove them you would have to have a tonsil transplant 🤣.

Everytime I swallow it feels like I am swallowing broken glass that gets sharper everytime I swallow so now I’m taking Antibiotics four times a day for 10 days I think she said she has prescribed me 80 antibiotics!! And some “numbing” spray which does nothing at all.

I was so hungry this morning as I couldn’t even swallow water yesterday without wanting to cry so this genius thought I will try cereal absolutely worst decision I ever made so I stopped eating that quite quickly.

I had tomato soup for lunch and even that hurt but was actually edible unlike the cereal.

I mean it’s a way to loose weight but I wouldn’t reccomend it because it’s awful and a very dramatic way to loose weight I would rather give birth again than have tonsillitis because at least you can swallow, eat and drink whilst giving birth and after whereas your tonsils just get better when they want or don’t want.

I think that’s all I have on this subject for now.

Thanks for reading! Anyone else suffer with tonsillitis?

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Love to you all




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