Motherhood dilemma #1

I’m really stuck in two minds at the moment and I’m sure I’m not the only parent that has had to make this decision but I just want to do what is right for Milly and I’m really unsure what that is right now.

So what I am talking about is taking Milly out of her playgroup and putting her into a Nursery that is at the school we are hoping to get her into next year but I just don’t know if that’s what’s best for her.

Because Milly has taken nearly 6 months to finally start to settle into playgroup and to talk to the other children she still won’t speak to the staff which concerns me a little as usually she will speak to adults first so I don’t know why she dosen’t trust the staff enough to speak to them.

Over the past few days Milly has done a total 360 degrees on playgroup she used to love it and couldn’t wait to go and now she dosen’t want to go and everyday I have to battle with her to get her dressed to go to playgroup . I do make her go but I’m just confused at what has gone on in those past few days,if anything.

Well when she was there on Tuesday she came home blue and I mean blue because she and another girl had been “making themselves smurfs” according to the other girl as Milly dosen’t speak at playgroup. I’m not being funny but what the hell was the staff doing. Like this wasn’t a one minute job this must have taken at least 10 minutes and what nobody noticed or they just didn’t do anything.

I’ve been ill so Lee picked her up I thought are these antibiotics making me see things or is she blue?… she was blue. Apparently they told Lee she had been painting and Lee’s response was ” I can see that” 🤣🤣 It is a bit ridiculous tho as her jacket is wrecked like they didn’t even make her put an apron on and this isn’t the 1st time. I think nursery is a bit more organized than playgroup.

Don’t get me wrong the staff are really nice there and they haven’t done anything to cause me major concerns but then on the other hand maybe a nursery setting would be better for Milly I honestly don’t know because she is very shy and doesn’t like change.

Although I say that and as we was walking back home from playgroup Milly said “I go new school” I said to her “what? You want to go to a new school? Not playgroup? and she was adamant she wanted to go to a new school with new friends and I asked her more than once throughout the evening and she said new school everytime.

Once I put her to bed I started thinking about it and I was thinking maybe they have been talking about school to the older kids who are leaving and she has just heard them I don’t know but I have tried to explain to her that she wouldn’t go to big school with the older children she would go to a different school and I think she understood but I never know with Milly.

We are moving forward with her at playgroup yes very slowly but we are going in the right direction so I really don’t want to set her back at all so I’m honestly stuck on what to do and so is my partner there are pro’s and cons to both.

I guess we could ring the nursery and see if they have any space from September and see if we can have a look around before they break up and I guess make a decision then.

she doesn’t enjoy getting ready to go to playgroup anymore but when I pick her up she tells us all about what she has done and her friends “boy and girl” (she calls her friends boy and girl not by their names 🤣 )

So I am really stuck but it’s a decision we have to make soon and I really don’t want to make the wrong one as a change like this one could really set her back especially if it’s not done right as Milly dosen’t deal well with change at all.

This is a decision that only we can make at the end of day. Advice is welcome but it’s making me so anxious because I need to make the right decision for Milly and I don’t know what that is. HELP ME!!

Thats all for now I will keep you updated on our decision and our thoughts about what to do.

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Love to you all




2 thoughts on “Motherhood dilemma #1

  1. Tricia Major says:

    Hi luv, I would say a visit to the new place will answer a lot of your questions.
    You will see millys reaction and know weither to move her or not. Maybe more structure and a firmer routine will help milly settle be happy. Seeing her in that setting will give you a better idea. If it a good setting they will be open for visits.
    Don’t forget to make her another photo book, it helped when she moved. Photos of the door, where coats go, toilets. Good luck, xx


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