A day in my life with crippling anxiety!

On Sunday I manged to force myself out of the house which is a battle in itself to take Milly up to where her daddy works as they were having a fun day and Milly had an absolute blast which is amazing and made me so happy but I was so on edge and severely anxious that I couldn’t enjoy it but I tried not to let that ruin Milly’s day.

Seeing Milly overcome her anxiety made me so proud she made some little friends, she went on the big bouncy castle for the 1st time in her life, she sprayed a fire hose with a fire man, she got some temporary Tattoos to be honest she got involved with pretty much everything that day which made us burst with pride.

We was out that afternoon for maybe four or five hours maximum and because I was constantly having to battle with my anxiety for the entire time of being out of the house absolutely exhausted me.

Monday I practically slept all day apart from taking Milly to playgroup and picking her up because I was just completely drained of energy and at first I couldn’t work out why but then when I thought about it I realized it was because I had to fight so much to be out of the house I had no fight left in me for the next day and most of the day after.

I am only just coming around from it now and it is Tuesday evening so people who don’t take anxiety seriously have never experienced true anxiety because severe anxiety is absolutely crippling.

This was only a few hours and it took me out of life for nearly two days when it’s like a full day outing it can take me out for nearly a whole week and that is just from the exhaustion of battling with my own mind all day and it sucks! It well and truly sucks!

If you want to see photos from our day out go have a look on Milly’s Instagram

Thanks for reading. Can anyone relate to this?

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Love to you all




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