Day 2 – Grass Hoppers play area at Tong Garden Centre!

Day 2 of the six week holidays we took Milly to Grass Hoppers which is a play center near – ish to our house and I can’t rate it enough.

We haven’t been there for about a year and it has completely changed it now has an indoor play area aswell as a outdoor playground. I say playground but that doesn’t actually do it justice it’s like an adventure park.

It was about 30 degrees today and of course Milly wanted to play outside but there are quite a lot of shaded areas so it wasn’t that bad but it was still hot so after about an hour and a half Milly had had enough but you could spend the whole day there quite easily.

The food is good too and not overly pricey which I think is good as sometimes play areas overcharge for the food and drinks but I didn’t think it was that bad (my mum paid for it so it wasn’t bad for us 😂) but the prices weren’t bad in fact and there is a lot of choice.

If you are in or around Yorkshire this is definitely a place to visit if you have children.

There is so much to do for kids from super young as they have a special section for under three which Milly enjoys even tho she is three but she is shy and needs confidence from there and then she ventures out into the rest of the playground.

I will tell you a little about what they have. So for the younger ones outside there is the little play area that I previously mentioned for the under three year olds, there is a massive sandpit for all ages, a zip wire, bouncy pillows (like a bouncy castle without walls). A park with swings, slides ,rocking animals, wooden houses, like wooden boat, and then electric race cars that cost a pound but last nearly three minutes.

Indoors they have a soft play area which has all sorts it is the first time I have seen it since these improvements and I was seriously impressed.

The soft play area has the usual things slides and tunnels ect but they also have like a car garage, a shop, a sports area for football, basket ball and so much more.

Milly was too tired for the indoor area but in winter it will be great. The food area is also inside and a long with the standard kids food they do homemade pizza and cakes , pannin’s they even do breakfast. I mean you would be sorted for the entire day.

They have time slots which I think is a really good idea so it dosen’t get too over crowded and they get to give it a clean in between time slots which is good unless you come during the break of the time slot then you are waiting maybe 30 mins between slots but as long as you are aware it’s not an issue.

Time slots for the summer holidays are:

9.15am – 11.30am

12pm – 14.15pm (we booked this one)

14.45pm – 17.00pm

We booked online which if you think its going to be busy I would suggest doing that for certain.

It costs between £5.75 per child but that includes two adults any extra adults are £2.50 and under ones are free.

They also have a
MaxCard Grass Hopper Play from £1.50 to £2.85 The Max Card is a discount card for foster families and families of children with additional needs. You will be required to present your card on entry.

Click here to be taken to website

So after our visit we will definitely going back there again when we can, Milly is exhausted which is an added bonus 😂 so fingers crossed she will sleep through the night again!

Oh yeh just one other thing if you forget a bucket and spade like we did you can buy like a bucket and spade with a rake, a shell and a watering can and that was only £3.99 which I thought was really reasonable.

I think that is all on today’s outing! We just came home, played in the garden, Milly watched her tablet for a little while and then it was time for bed.

So now I’m going to get myself a glass of pink gin and lemonade I think and just chill and lets see what tommorow brings!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe 😘

Love to you all! Hope you survived today with as few tantrums as possible.




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