The six week holidays have come to an end !

I know a lot of parents are sad that their kids are going back to school/ playgroup, I am not one of those parents 🤣 I have been counting down since Milly first broke up… that’s not even a lie!

If that makes me a bad parent then I’m okay with that because playgroup isn’t just good for Milly it’s good for me too as we both get a break from each other and Milly isn’t isolated to our house because I struggle to take her anywhere.

Milly went back yesterday even tho I could of sworn it was supposed to be today but that is another story 🤣

If you follow me on social media you will already know that Milly’s playgroup rang me up and asked if Milly was ok and I was like yeh I didn’t think you was open today! So Milly was an hour and 15 minutes late on her first day back at playgroup but she was happy to be back so that’s all that matters!.. I guess.

I even wrote it on my calendar, in my phone and I told everyone she wasn’t back until today so I don’t know where I got that from 🤣 but I am just relieved that she is back because those few hours we both need otherwise Milly starts getting too attached to me again and then it’s like taking two steps backwards when she is coming on so much at the moment.

Tbh over the six weeks holiday Milly has become a real daddy’s girl and it’s been great!! People ask me if it upsets me ans I’m like no I really couldn’t care less because I love the bond they have and occasionally I get to use the bathroom alone it’s incredible 🤣

We didn’t go away over the six week holidays we just had a few full days out, spent time with family and just went to the local park and things like that but Milly had a blast

I know I had my doubts about Milly’s playgroup and was thinking about moving her but she is happy where she is so I don’t see any point moving her as next September she will be going up to reception at a new school anyway which I am going to but her name down for either tonight or tommorow.

Milly is doing her 1st ever morning session tommorow lets see if we can get there on time… we never usually do but they expect us to be late 🤣 I know🙈 I think it will be my New Year’s resolution next year to try not be late to everything 🙈🤣

When we arrived at playgroup yesterday two of Milly’s little friends who’s names I don’t know said “aww I Milly I missed you” and the smile on Milly’s face was priceless.

I really need to learn her little friends names but it doesn’t help that Milly dosen’t even know their name so she just calls them boy’s and girls. 🤣🤣

Another thing I love about playgroup is she comes home exhausted. She watches her tablet, eats her tea, has a bath and then is ready for bed… it’s awsome! Although actually a lot of the time tho she seems to get a second burst of energy from nowhere and then I’m like how are you not tired right now child!

Milly dosen’t do full days she does 4 afternoons andd now 1 morning to start getting her ready for school next year but until she has to do full days I’m happy for her to just do half days because for the next 14 years of her life she will have to be in full time education as they now have to stay until they are 18 which I really don’t agree with but that’s a post for another time!

What did you all do in the 6 week holidays?

Thanks for reading ❤ don’t forget to subscribe to my little blog! 😘

Love to you all



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