Our day at York Maze – review

On the 25th August we took a trip to York Maze and although it was quite an expensive day out which luckily my mum and dad treated us to and drove us there and back as our car is boken! It was definitely worth it!!

The weather was definitely on our side this bank holiday weekend I don’t think it would have been such a good day if it had rained the whole day as it was entirely outside.

Let me explain a little about what York maze is incase you have never heard of it. So basically it is farm land that they have turned into one really big maze, some smaller mazes, a play area, a miniature golf area, there is a show, pig racing and there is even a tractor water ride/ show. There was so much to do we actually couldn’t get it all done in one day and we got there pretty early.

This years giant maze was only Lion King themed, I mean how good is that? I have a photo of what it looks like from above which is very impressive… no I didn’t go up on a helicopter to get the photo or send a drone up I bought a postcard with it on then took a photo of it 🤣 but it was really good.

When we arrived we headed straight for the giant maze actually that’s a lie we headed straight for the drink stand as it was like 30 degrees then we headed straight for the Giant Maze which took us around an hour to complete but you have to find 6 different areas before the exit and have to answer questions to questions that are at the different areas. I guess you don’t have to do that you could just find the exit but that’s not really the idea of the giant maze.

Just so you know I knew all the answers as you would expect any die hard lion king fan to know – just saying 🤣🤣

After we had completed the Giant Maze we headed for the food truck but got distracted by the arrival of sweetiecorn and kernel corn which are the characters of York maze so Milly wanted her photo with them. The person in the kernel costume was very friendly the one in the sweetie corn costume wasn’t so friendly. I know it was hot but that’s there job to do meet and greets so they just have to be friendly for 30 minutes or so for the kids then they can go be miserable again.

We then decided we would have some lunch when we saw the price of the food we nearly died. It was nice food but very expensive although I guess you need to be prepared for that at attractions like York Maze.

If you don’t want to pay for food there are a lots of places for you to picnic you can even eat in the covered area where you would sit to eat your paid food and there was also benches around the park that you could sit at and watch your kids play.

There was so much for kids of all ages to do actually scratch that there was so much for everyone to do no mater what age you are.

For the kids tho there is a huge play area and sandpit, a volcorno slide that you have to climb up the side of to get to the actual slide, a small tube slide for the little ones, two big tube slides that you go down on mats

There was water area to cool of from the hot sun which was very popular on the day we went called utter cornage where you had to fill the other persons bucket with water first and get them soaked. They even had a water bomb section called angry crows where you can catapult water bombs at each other.

So I have mentioned the giant Maize maze that is made out of corn well there was also a Jurassic maze which of course had dinosaurs in it, maze of illusions , mineshaft maze which you had to crawl through and a finger fortune maze which we didn’t do.

They also had an inflatable assault course called a cobstacle course which looked fun but we didn’t go on it in the end, I think we ran out of time.

There was also a show called KerNoel’s House party which is pretty amusing tbh. I have got a ten minute recording you can watch if you want a laugh. The reason I only have 10 minutes of the 20 minute show is because there was children up on stage that I didn’t feel appropriate to film other people’s childern. To watch I will add the link below for you to check out if you want.

kerNoels house party 2018

I can’t forget to mention the crowmania 2 ride now that was interesting I’ve never been on a ride like that before but it was pretty good. So basically a giant tractor pulls a trailer full of people around like a little show kind of thing as you go around and you basically have to stop the evil crows and rescue kernel corn from an evil crow lady and you do get wet just to warn you. 🤣

crowmania 2 ride video

Oh yeh I nearly forgot to mention the pig racing where four pigs chase a chosen member of the audience around a track and they have a bucket of corn and the audience choose a colour to support and the pigs have that colour on there back and we chose green and green won so that was good. You don’t win anything tho you just get the satisfaction of winning 🤣

What I do have to mention is the staff who do the show also do the pig race so they run back and forth four times a day and they still do an amazing job so they deserve to get at least mention in my blog. I’m sure they will appreciate when they read my awsome blog 🤣🤣🤣 it’s ok I know they won’t read it I have come to terms with that 🤣🤣

They also had some other things like remote corntrol boats, giant mural painting, mini golf called corn on the club, the scarecrow center which had animals like birds and reptiles in it and they also had remote control quads which incase you haven’t guessed was called corn on the quad. The quads and the boats did cost a pound per turn but that is to be expected.

Last but not least the gift shop which wasn’t corn related at all that was called the ivy store and for a shop at an attraction it was rereasonably priced to be honest but it was quite small so with the amount of people in the shop it was hard to look around but apart from that it was a good day out.

It is closed now until July 2020 as it is only open for 7 weeks a year but they do have events for Halloween as well so check out there website http://www.yorkmaze.com

We will definitely be visiting again next year!

Thanks for reading as always it is much appreciated. Let me know if you enjoyed reading my review.

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Love to you all



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