🎃HALLOWEEN! is on it’s way!

💀👻Who is ready for Halloween?🎃👹

As someone who has always been terrified of Halloween and has done my best to avoid it at all costs but this year I have had to jump in full force as Milly is really into it this year so I have decorated the window and put a few bits around the room and have carved 1 of 3 pumpkins.

I am still not a Halloween fan but I am trying really hard to be positive so Milly isn’t scared and it really hasn’t been easy but I know that I can hide my fear from her or at least do the best I can.

If you want to look at our decoration’s so far check out our Instagram bpd_mummy_to_1

I will add a photo of the window I did just because I was quite impressed with it but I do think it needs something else. What do you guys think?

So Milly has so far been to one Halloween party in the village with her dance class! Oh yeh so Milly has now started dance and acting class with a company called Starlighter Academy!

check them out here! https://www.starlighter.co.uk/ It was really good party and Milly got her 1st certificate for completing her 1st term! I will do a separate post on them soon!

Back to Halloween Milly will be going as a zombie Princess and I will be attempting to do her makeup and Lee’s as Milly has decided he has to be a zombie too.. luckily just a normal zombie and not a princess zombie as I know Lee would do it just to make Milly happy!

I will put photo’s up on Insta if it comes out well if it comes out shit there will not be photo’s or there may be very dark photos 😂

I am thinking of doing the next Pumpkin tonight but it’s a large one so may take a while but then I have a giant pumpkin to do after that which I will probably leave until tommorow night as it’s giant and will take forever to clear out lol.

I will add a photo of pumpkin number two on Instagram later tonight. That’s if I decide to do it 😂😂

So that’s all for now but I will update on Halloween and let you know how we.. well I get on and whether I manage to control my anxiety enough to go trick or treating with Milly but tbh I would rather do that than answer the door to complete strangers who are wearing masks! That will be my mother in laws job 😂

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe to my little blog and follow us on Instagram @bpd_mummy_to_1 😘

Bye for Now!

Love to you all



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