Enterprise car hire review

Last week we hired a car from Enterprise and I can not rate them enough!

So lets start at the beginning. First of all because they couldn’t get us an automatic car for the time we wanted the member of staff we dealt with was super apologetic and upgraded us to a 4 x 4. Which was really nice and really unexpected as the reason they couldn’t get the car on time was because another customer didn’t bring it back on time.

So it wasn’t their fault either we was just glad to have the car in time for the event we had to get to.

The staff we dealt with were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and the car we hired was very clean and very good quality.

We was asked numerous times if we wanted to take the excess waiver cover out which was quite expensive so we got one online for around £50 for the year and that includes worldwide but if we didn’t have that we would have definitely taken it out as you don’t want to be without cover as you never know what’s going to happen.

The staff were never pushy for us to buy anything extra they just explained what it was and wanted to make sure that we was sure we didn’t want it and they made sure we checked the vehicle before we set off for any damage to the vehicle before we drove away and if there was they take photos and then you sign to say that you agree the vehicle is fine and if any new damage appears you are liable.

I know this sounds like it might take a long time but from start to finish I would say we drove away in around 10 minutes after we arrived and whilst Lee was signing for everything they allowed me to go load up the car with Milly’s carseat etc which was really nice of the man we dealt with.

We did book our car online which does save time and makes it around twenty pound cheaper as you put all your details in yourself instead of a member of staff having to do it instead but I do think an extra £20 to do it on the day is a little much if I’m honest.

You do have to pay a minimum of a £200 pound deposit depending on the car you choose to hire and that can be paid by credit or debit card. (I thought I would clarify that as the website is a little confusing) but you pay that on pick up and as long as there is no damage you will get your full deposit back within a few working days.

This is the second time we have hired a car from Enterprise in Huddersfield even tho the 1st time was through the the drunk/ drugged up drivers who crashed into us insurance which was almost two years ago. The staff was super helpful and very understanding then, which made us think of using them again this time and we wasn’t disappointed. We will definitely hire from them again!

Now we are back to using our almost broken golf which we can only drive to places that don’t involve going up a hill.

Unfortunately we can’t afford to hire another car for a while and the car we have isn’t worth what it would cost to fix it so now we are just stuck with a dying car and there is nothing we can do about it!

We met most of the staff at Enterprise in Huddersfield and everyone of them was very friendly and couldn’t do more for us even after we dropped the car off and was waiting to be picked up they still kept checking we was ok and didn’t need anything.

Here is the link to there website https://www.enterprise.co.uk/en/home.html

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Love to you all



This was our upgraded hire car! You can see why we didn’t want to take it back 😂

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