Guess What!? We got a Hamster!

I honestly never thought I would be saying those words as I didn’t want any pets as we have always said Milly can just go to my parents or Lee’s mum’s to get her pet fix as my mum and dad have dogs and Lee’s mum has a cat but Lee decided that Milly could have a hamster as long as she helped look after it.

This all came about when we was looking after my parents dogs when they was on holiday and Milly did really well. She wanted to walk them in the rain, she fed them twice a day everyday (with help) and she played with them (sometimes harassed them but they weren’t bothered)

So because she had done so well Lee decided on a rainy Sunday morning completely out of the blue we would go and buy her a hamster.

Which I was fine with really they aren’t massively high maintenance and are just a starter pet. It would have been different if it was any other animal because I couldn’t deal with the stress if I’m honest. This was my only worry was it going to put more stress on me but it hasn’t really…Yet!

Milly and Lee have pretty much kept to cleaning out and changing the food and water but I will do it every so often as long as I’m not having to do it everytime I’m happy.

Our hamster’s name is Stitch (of course it had to be Disney related) originally he was Mickey but that didn’t suit him. A) Because he isn’t a mouse and B) he is too mischievous to be a Mickey.

We named him Stitch because he is lovable, a little naughty and very mischievous so he fits in with our family perfectly. I describe him as the hamster version of Milly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We have had Stitch nearly a month now and he is already a part of the family.

Milly absolutely loves him but dosen’t quite understand that he is nocturnal so during the day she wants him to be awake of course but she does leave him to sleep after staring at him hoping he wakes up.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The lady at pets at home said that he will start to get used to our routine and wake up more during the day. I’m not sure if that is true but he does seem to be starting to wake up more when we are about. So I am guessing she might be right!

He came into our family at the perfect time for him anyway as over the Halloween period he has been enjoying pumpkin and pumpkin seeds which he has loved. He definitely loves his food!!

Meet Stitch

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Love to you all



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