Milly Photoshoot with @ekaandeurokidsagency

So we are back! I know we have been really M.I.A lately but we have had so much going on it’s been crazy!!

On Friday Milly had her update photoshoot with Euro Kids Agency and I wanted to let you all know how she got on.

I’m not even going to be modest here because she absolutly smashed it and we was and still are so proud of her because usually Milly is so shy around new people but she was actually asking where the photographer was.

She did everything that the photographer asked of her and if she didn’t understand once we showed her she would do her very best to copy and if she couldn’t she would quickly learn a new pose and she even did some of her own poses and if I’m honest her moves (poses) were better than the photographer suggested although she did give us some good ideas for poses.

I’m hopeful that this year she will get some jobs as she really loves it and keeps asking when she can do it again.

If she didn’t like it we wouldn’t of made her do it at all but she really does love it she was definitely made to model and be on stage because she loves to dance, sing and she is very dramatic so I think she would be perfect for any role.

The photographer said to us “she is very photogenic” and without even thinking I said “I know” 😂😂 I did finish off by saying “but I am very bias” but the photographer said “no she definitely is”

I mean she totally is isn’t she? This is just one of the incredible photo’s that they took at Milly’s photoshoot. They are so good this year, I’m super impressed.

We got a copy of all the photo’s they took and the comparison to this year and last is crazy.

The agency staff are really nice to and very understanding when we first took Milly about two years ago she wasn’t having it at all and we wasn’t going to force her but they wanted to keep her on their books anyway.

So we took her back last year and she did better but needed a lot of convincing but the photo’s were very cute and then this year she was just out of this world.

So it may have taken time to build her confidence but with her going to Starlighters her dance class and playgroup she is just coming on everyday and we are so proud of her.

I think that is all for now I will keep you updated on her progress and if she books any jobs or goes to any casting’s

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Love to you all



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