👰🤵Wedding planning update 👰🤵

With almost one month to go until the big day I thought I would give you an update on how all the planning has been going over the last few months.

👰Lets start with my dress👰:

So it was pretty much perfect when I tried my chosen dress in my size it just needed a few minor alterations to make it 100% perfect.

I dreaded every single fitting because I was terrified it wouldn’t fit but it did but now with only one month to go that fear is back and all I can think is what if it dosen’t fit me on my wedding day. So just to be sure it will I will be doing the 5:2 diet for the next month just to help ease my anxiety towards the dress. Even tho until it’s on on the big day I will still be petrified it won’t fit.

💐Next up the flowers💐:

So I’m not having real flowers I’m actually having flowers made out of paper which I know is hard to imagine but I know that Katy Jane will do an amazing job. I can’t wait to see them. If you want to check out what she makes click on the link above.

🎂Now let me tell you about the cake🎂:

I had our cake all planned out, I found a baker months in advance paid her a deposit and with only two months until our wedding she messaged me after I had messaged her to see how the cake was going to inform me that she could no longer make our wedding cake and that she was leaving the country!

So of course this just sent me into panic mode I was terrified we wouldn’t have a cake and everyone I contacted was either closed over Christmas or booked up but luckily we was given the lovey Debbie Gillespie‘s name and she Kindly offered to fit us in and after meeting her and discussing ideas I know it’s going to be better than the first cake and more than likely better than I can imagine! Check out her Instagram and see how amazing she is!

📷 The Photographer 📷 :

After searching through photographer after photographer we finally found the lovely Kloe Wilkinson who was actually reccomend to us by a friend but after meeting with her last month I know we have made the right decision.

She is really friendly, very professional and extremely qualified. I can’t wait to see the photo’s she is going to capture on our big day! Check out her Instagram she does all kinds of photography not just Wedding photography. She is going to go far!

💍 Rings💍:

So my wedding ring is actually going to be my Grandma’s eternity ring that I have had resized. She sadly past away last November so she won’t see the wedding but a part of her will still be there.

I have ordered Lee’s ring but It is taking forever so if it isn’t done within the next week or so I am going to have to go find another one as if it needs ordering in we will be cutting it really fine!

🤵 Suits for the Men🤵:

Now this was stressful and took a lot longer than I expected to figure out the suits and what looks best together.

Once we sorted Lee’s suit we had to find suits for the best men (yes Lee is having two best men because he didn’t want to choose between his brothers 😂 … understandable I guess 😂😂) So my poor dad took one for the team and tried on many different waist coats and jackets until we found the perfect combination as the best men weren’t at the first appointment as it would have been a nightmare.

But they all had their measurements taken at the end of last month and they have been ordered so hopefully they will all be perfect when they arrive. We decided to hire the suits from Limelight occasions as the lady was lovely and definitely knew what she was talking about.

The great thing about this shop is it is huge It mainly sells wedding dresses but you can get your suits, flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses and you can even get your mother of the bride/ groom dresses. So if you wanted to be super organized you could literally just go there.

👗Bridesmaids and flower girl dresses 👗:

So me being me decided to want the most difficult colour to get in bridesmaids dresses but luckily my maid of honor did me a solid and went out trying on dresses for me as she lives in London which is about 4 hours away from me and my bridesmaid who is my soon to be sister in law lives in Washington DC!

So trying to find a dress to suite them both was interesting in the end we decided to go for the same make of dress just different styles to suit the individual’s shape but the both put them on and sent photo’s which was great so I could see them on and I’m pretty sure it’s going to work. We got the bridesmade dresses from Debenhams in the end.

My mum and dad once again went above and beyond and flew over to Washington so my sister in law could try on her dress. (That was their excuse anyway I think they just wanted a little holiday 😂😂)

Milly is of course going to be our flower girl and finding her a dress was so difficult because it needed to match the colour of the bridesmaids dresses which apparently for three year olds they don’t seem to make very often.

Then one day when me and my mum was in Leeds we walked into Monsoon and there it was the perfect dress just hanging there.

The lady said she had just put it out so I knew that was the dress Milly had to have for the wedding and then we found… the cape 😍😍 The cape is everything it goes with the dress perfectly and it lets her feel like a princess.

Then last week or the week before we got her shoes. They are the frozen two shoes from Clarks and they couldn’t go any better.

I honestly think she is going to outshine me she is going to look that perfect!

🏩 Venue🏩:

Our venue we actually booked pretty much straight away. We went to “look” (which in our family means book or buy 😂) and I just knew that I was happy to get married there.

I haven’t been disappointed either we have been for a taster session, had constant contact with the wedding planner, two meetings so far and we will have a final meeting a week before the wedding to finalise everything.

💇‍♀️ Hair and Make up 👝:

We are actually having our hair and make up done by two different companies but it’s easier to group them together.

So the Hairdresser who is doing our hair is our actually our regular Hairdresser which is perfect as we get on really well and I know she will do an amazing job with everyone’s hair.

The beautician who is doing our make up is actually my mum’s friends daughter in law but I have seen her work and I am impressed. I have a trial with her tommorow so I will know for sure after my appointment but I’m pretty sure it will be fine and she will do an awsome job.

💭Last but not least the seating plan!💭:

The seating plan is the most stressful thing ever. You just think you have it sorted then nope it needs changing again. So that is still on going…

I think that is everything! Well it is all the major things I think.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed reading all about what we have been up to with the wedding planning for these past few months well year!

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Love to you all



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