Potty training update! 22.11.19

It was probably around this time last year that we started thinking about potty training Milly as she was starting to show signs that she was ready and as she was coming up to three we thought we may aswell try and see how it goes.

We had had the potty in the house for a around two months or so prior to her starting to learn but she used it as a bed for her baby, a storage bowl to be honest she used it for everything but a potty 😂 at that point we realized she wasn’t ready.

I would say tho once she got used to it being there she did start to actually take interest in the potty as a potty so that’s when we decided it was time.

So we took away the nappies for the daytimes unless we was going on long journey’s at first and if we was in the house just let her walk around in a t shirt until she got used to using the potty or the little seat you put on the normal toilet and for weeing she picked it up within a couple of weeks with a few accidents but barely any.. pooing on the other hand that took longer 🤣

Instead of using the potty she would just go wherever she was at first, then she started going into a different room and finally she started using the potty but it took a lot of consistency and watching for her poop face and then run and put her on the potty.

That was just at the beginning of the journey now she takes herself off to her potty does what ever she needs to do and then either wipes or shouts to be wiped 😂 and if we are out she will ask to go for a wee unless she is distracted then you just have to get her to try and 9 out of 10 times the wee she didn’t need she needed.

So the end of October we moved on to the second chapter of potty training… night times.

Milly moved from nappies to pull ups at night in about march time and was in them up until the end of last month and then we decided now was the time to try her without nappies and putting the potty in her room and it’s gone really well.

Has she had a few accidents? Yes! Is it a little inconvenient? Yes but it’s a process and now nearly a month on she is pretty much dry every night which is amazing. So we can now say that Milly is officially completely potty trained. Wahhooo!

One mistake I did make when removing nappies at bedtime was to not get a waterproof mattress cover at first. So a bit of advice from me to you if your planning on starting no pull ups at night time make sure you have a waterproof mattress protector!! and put a potty in their room if they don’t have unsupervised access to the bathroom which Milly dosen’t at the moment.

One of the best things we did was wait until Milly was ready and although it took a year to be potty trained for both day and night time it was worth it as there was no pressure on Milly or us.

I know there is a lot of pressure for little ones to be potty trained so young but as a Mummy who listened to her gut and her child I would say wait until they are ready and it will go much smoother… not perfectly (because there is no such thing🤣) but a lot smoother than forcing them to do something there body isn’t ready to do yet just causes everything to be more stressful.

That’s just in my opinion! I know some will disagree and that’s fine but just remember what one child does dosen’t mean another will they are all individuals and will learn at their own rate.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe 😘 and let me know what you think!

Love to you all



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