Milly is a Starlighter!

I can’t remember if I actually already told you that Milly has started performing arts classes but if I have I apologise. I know I haven’t done a full post on it yet tho so that is what this is all about.

As you are all aware Milly has always been quite a shy child who wouldn’t speak to anybody apart from me and Lee. Well that has all changed now! Milly will now speak to her little friends, family members, some of her teachers when she wants to but that is more of a confidence thing with playgroup but she is getting better.

Milly joined Starlighter academy about 6 weeks ago and she absolutely loves it. It’s great for us to as it is so local and the staff are fantastic. Milly takes a while to warm to people but when Lee took her for the 1st time she ran straight to the mat where Lydia her dance teacher was sat with the other children which was so unlike Milly but made us so proud.

Since joining Starlighters Milly has become a different child she just loves to dance and perform in front of everyone and anyone who will watch. She did her first show last weekend and she did so well bless her. She wasn’t very well and her antlers kept falling off but she continued performing right until the end. She wasn’t going to let anything stop her.

They performed to Rudolph the red nose reindeer and I can’t lie it was the cutest and funniest performance ever as the Mini’s is children aged 2 years old to 4 years old so getting them all to do the same thing at the same time was interesting but Lydia did not give up she was determined to get them to do almost the same thing and not once did she show any frustration which I am sure she must have felt but you would have never of known.

They do three classes on a Saturday morning at the Civic in Slaithwaite:

There is the mini Starlighter’s which is what Milly go’s to for under 4’s but I don’t know if in January she will have to move up a class as she will turn four but I am not sure how she will take that but we will see.

Then next up they have the Junior Starlighter’s which is for children aged 4 – 6 year olds . This is the class Milly will move up to next but because she is quite small I don’t know if she will like being with the bigger ones as she does get a little scared when there are older children around but i’m sure she will get used to it I just don’t want all the work everyone has put in with her to go down the drain.

Then last but not least is the Starlighter’s which is for ages 6+ in this class the do more advanced performances obviously as they are older but they still have the full support from there teachers and have no pressure put on them to be perfect like some other dance schools which I really like because that is the last things kids need at that age in my opinion anyway.

What I also love about Starlighter academy is it is open to everyone of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds they don’t just target girls and it’s not just dancing, it’s drama, story telling, singing and learning through play which most children learn better that way especially the young ones.

They do all I have mentioned above and then they go the extra mile by working on confidence, behaviour, trying to help them overcome shyness, character building and they even offer one to one sessions which I think is fantastic as they don’t have to do that but you can just tell that they genuinely care about your kids and want to nurture them and watch them grow just like we do.

I honestly believe if you spoke to them about any concerns you had with you child they would do their absolute best to try and work on it with both you and your child.

They also sell some Merchandise like hoodies, polo T-shirts and rucksacks. We have ordered Milly a hoodie and I can’t wait to see her little face when she gets her hoodie she is going to be so happy but also so proud. I think I will have to get her a rucksack next and maybe a Tshirt when it gets warmer.

I am so glad my mum and dad came across this company and offered to pay for her to go because it has been the best thing for her she is just coming on leaps and bounds. Every week we see an improvement in her in some way and we just couldn’t be prouder of her if i’m honest.

Thanks for reading you can watch Milly’s performance on her Instagram TV but I may also add it to this post.

You can also find Starlighter acadamy on:



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Milly’s 1st show with Starlighter academy Christmas 2019

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