USN diet fuel Ultralean VS SC!-MX diet meal replacement!

Hey everyone so today I have decided to do a comparison review on the USN diet fuel and the SC!- MX diet meal replacement protein shakes and at the end of the review I will let you know which product I prefer.

If you already follow my blog then you will know that in 25 days we are getting married and I have to look amazing in my dress well that is if it still fits so I made the decision previously to do the 5:2 diet but my way.

So what I decided to do was for two days a week have two shakes in replacement of breakfast and dinner and then have a light meal for tea which I was doing with the USN diet fuel ultralean Strawberry protein shake originally but when it ran out I thought I would try something new. Not really for any reason other than I thought I would give something else a try!

So after searching through amazon and reading many reviews I decided to try the SC!- MX diet meal replacement strawberry protein shake and the two couldn’t be more different for a similar product if i’m being honest.

Right! so lets start by comparing some basic facts:

USN diet fuel ultralean SC!- MX diet meal replacement
Portion size55g54g
Flavours available5 different flavours.3 Different flavours

After looking at the chart I made above health wise they are pretty much on par but taste wise the USN diet fuel ultralean strawberry flavour is by far the winner. It is sweet, thick, creamy and pretty tasty for a protein shake anyway. I haven’t tried any other flavours as I am very fussy but if they are anything like the strawberry you won’t be disappointed.

Sadly I can’t say the same for SC!- MX diet meal replacement Strawberry flavour as it tastes really bad. I can’t exactly put into words what it tastes like it just has a really strange taste that is actually quite bitter and the texture is more grainy than I expected, especially as I blended it with a hand blender and it was still bitty so I don’t know what that is all about.

I will continue to use it and update you with the results as I refuse to waste £21.80 but it’s going to take a lot of willpower. As I drink it I will have to just keep thinking about my wedding dress and having less than a month to look perfect in it. Not that I will believe I look good anyway but that’s a whole new post.

Let’s talk packaging:

I do like the colours on the SC!- MX diet meal replacement packaging and I think I understand why they used them as it makes the product look more unisex so it appeals to a lager audience but what I don’t like is the use of the dark blue and turquoise on the nutritional information as it is so hard to read and when you are buying a product like this you want to know all the information which is on the product, it is just so hard to see but I do think if it was a blocked in turquoise chart it would look better and be easier to see. But what do I know? I don’t get paid millions in marketing I’m just a mummy with issues who is just giving her honest opinion. With this product tho you get a big scoop which measures you whole portion in one which I do like as it it more convenient and less messy.

Now onto USN diet fuel ultralean packaging. What I do like about the USN packaging is that it is very bright and not only stands out on the shelf but it stands out online also. The bright pink and red complemented with the royal blue just makes it so eye catching . The shape is simple but does the job. The scoop in this product is small so you need to scoop twice and without fail powder has spilt which I do find a bit annoying but it’s not annoying enough to not use the product.

Thank you for reading you have now come to the end of my review or at least for now anyway. Like I said above I will keep you updated on any results.

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love to you all



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