A special morning with father Christmas at Colne Valley museum!

On Saturday me, my mum and dad took Milly to Colne Valley museum to meet Santa and do some fun Christmassy things with the staff. It was so good and Milly loved it which is the main thing the only thing that was a little disappointing was the present Milly received notht because of quality it was just a bit old for her but I will go more into that later.

When we arrived we was greeted by some of the lovely staff who offered us a drink whilst we were waiting for the other children to arrive. It was only a small group which was really nice as it made it more special for them and they was all roughly the same age.

The three of them started the morning with a Christmas story whilst they waited for Santa to arrive but as we all know it is quite tricky to keep three year old’s entertained but the lady was fantastic she kept them occupied for as long as was needed for Santa to appear.

After the story it was time to meet Santa so we had to go to a separate room in the museum so they could have a fire side chat with Santa which was lovely. When Milly first saw Santa her face lit up and she shouted “SANTA” and ran to sit by him.

Santa then had a book with the things the girl’s enjoyed doing, what they wanted for Christmas and what they need to work on which for all three of the girls was listening to their mummy and daddy’s which I thought was pretty amusing. They then had photo’s with Santa and all got a gift from him.

Then they headed to a different room to do some Christmas crafts. They made magic reindeer food to put out on Christmas eve to encourage the reindeer’s to bring Santa to our house, they then made a Christmas card by using there little hands to make reindeer’s and the lady had spent hours cutting out tiny ornaments and shapes for them to stick on their cards and bless her heart had even coloured the pictures in. They also got given a colour your own bag with felt pens to do at home. It was so good and Milly had the best time.

They had obviously gone to a lot of effort to make it perfect for little ones and you could tell it meant a lot to them and they wanted it to be perfect and I would definitely recommend it. I’m pretty sure we will be going back next year.

If I could change anything it would have been Milly’s gift as it wasn’t really age appropriate. I am not being ungrateful as I can see why they gave her it as she loves Disney and Princesses but what she got was a Frozen 2 mug that changed images which would have been fine if you didn’t have to use boiling hot water to get it to change which for a three year old is not exactly ideal but apart from that it was a fantastic morning so I can’t complain.

If you have never heard of Colne Valley Museum take a look at their website and Facebook page as they just got a huge lottery grant and have done it up. It is completely different in some ways but it hasn’t lost any of it’s history which is fantastic.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my post. If you are ever in West Yorkshire I recommend a visit to Colne Valley Museum. Oh yes and they make homemade cakes which are delicious so if that doesn’t make you want to visit I don’t know what will.

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Love to you all