⚠️⚠️ Warning teething threenager alert ⚠️⚠️

If you have been following us on Instagram lately you will be aware that Milly’s Molar’s have been coming through and have been causing her so much pain. If you don’t you are now aware!

So was trying everything to try ease her pain as she couldn’t eat anything and even drinking was difficult for her. We tried bonjella teething gel, Ibuprofen, paracetamol, a teddy hot water bottle for her to rest her cheek on and nothing was really helping at all. She couldn’t even sleep she was in so much pain and that is not like Milly she is usually a really good sleeper.

Yesterday we went to the supermarket and I thought I would look for something else to try and I remembered when she was a baby and struggling with her teeth we used the Ashton & Parsons teething powder where you poor it on their tounge which I knew wasn’t going to work for Milly.

Then I saw next to it that Ashton & Parsons had bought out their own teething gel so I thought we would give that a try and I am SO glad we did!

Once we had finished shopping and gone back to the car and Milly was crying in pain from trying to eat a chocolate button I but some on her gums where the teeth are coming through and within 20 – 30 minutes she said to me “Mummy my teeth don’t hurt now” and she actually managed to eat some tea, which she hadn’t been able to do for the past few days.

I was honestly amazed but I was still a little sceptical but when she woke up crying hysterically in pain I put some more Ashton & Parsons gel and within about 20-30 minutes she was back asleep and didn’t wake up until around 6am this morning.

I honestly can’t rate it highly enough I will be recommending it to everyone and anyone with teething babies/ toddlers. I am that impressed and I don’t impress easily 😂😂

You can use this gel on babies from 5 months+. I think it works so well because it has Aloe vera for cooling the area and then I guess it numbs the are too! Oh I forgot to mention the end actually has like a massager on the end so you can use that instead of your finger. Although as Milly’s are right at the back I do use my finger.

You can buy it from your local supermarkets or from Amazon and get it ordered to your door!

As always thanks for reading! Hope you find this useful or can pass on this recommendation to someone who will find this useful. If you enjoy reading my blog don’t forget to subscribe and give this post a little like.

Love to you all



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