We went to Santa’s Grotto at Tong Garden Centre!

Let me start by saying this post isn’t just a review post but also an informative post too. So hopefully you enjoy reading about our magical journey!

So we arrived about 5 minutes late, which is just typical for me as you all know. My mum on the other hand is a punctual person and hates being late for anything so she was fretting but it all turned out fine the kind staff just pushed our session time back so instead of starting our magical journey to see Santa at 1 pm we started it at 1.40 pm which wasn’t really an issue for us. It was my fault we was late but that is a whole other story and this is a positive post so that story doesn’t have a place here.

This year the theme was helping the Enchanted robins get a letter to Santa but the letter line was frozen so they had to do all these different actions to help unfreeze the letter trail and deliver it to the sorting office. They went through four different areas.

The 1st area was what I would say was kind of like an enchanted Garden and as you walk through you see cute moving animals, loads of trees ,then you walk up to a stage and listen to the 1st robin tell the opening of the story. She basically sets the scene and introduces the magical actions and then a second actor comes in who is also a robin and takes you through a magic tunnel that is all done out with twinkling lights and sparkly paper and then you enter area 2.

Area 2 is the North pole so it is totally done out with snow, icicles ,Polar bears and everything you can think of that would make them believe they was actually in the North pole. Whilst in that area they had to do the magic they learnt in the 1st room to magically unfreeze the letters to get to Santa’s sorting office.

Then we went through a door, through what was meant to be Santa’s workshop into Santa’s sorting office where all the children’s letters go and get sorted into naughty or nice and then checked twice to make sure that the presents they want are being made in the workshop so they are ready to be delivered on Christmas eve by the big man himself .

Room 4 was the best room of course because this was the room that Santa himself was in. He was a lovely Santa tho he spoke to all the Children in a group and then individually and of course we took photos. Milly told Santa she wanted a Princess bike and he said “I’ve definitely seen some of those being made in my workshop” the smile on Milly’s face was absolutely priceless.

Then after you finish meeting Santa you go into a room full of toys and they can choose any gift from that room. It is a lovely set up and so magical. I would highly recommend a visit if you are out and about in Yorkshire over Christmas but just bare in mind you do have to book.

This magical experience at Tong Garden Centre costs £12.95 but it is well worth the money. The journey lasts around 30 minutes and the toy they get at the end is really good it’s not just some crap that you want to bin straight after the visit.

There is a maximum of 12 children per group which is a nice size as it’s not to small and not too big. To book your experience click on the link and it will take you straight to the book now page.

We will definitely be booking again for next year.

Have you ever wanted to go in a giant inflatable snow globe that is full of “snow” ? Well Tong garden centre have one and it is so much fun. It costs £4 for just the snow globe and an extra £2.50 if you want a photo taking and then they print it and put it in a Christmas card. So we (by we I mean my mum) paid the £6.50 so now we have a souvenir photo. You can take your own photos so we have many photo’s of the snow globe now but me and Milly had so much fun. So if you are already there definitely check it out.

I think that is everything. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading and are now booking your tickets for this magical experience.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe to our little blog.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Love to you all


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