Our Christmas shopping nightmare!!!

Yesterday me and Lee had a Christmas shopping day planned and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. We have had the worst luck this year and it just seems to be getting worse. Fingers crossed for 2020!

Let me start at the beginning! So had this day planned for weeks . We organised from my mum and dad to have Milly so we could get all the present’s to send to Santa.

So in the morning I dropped Milly off with my mum and then we got ready and set off. The car was a little sluggish when we set of but we thought that might have just been from the cold weather… I can confirm it wasn’t! As when we got to the bottom of the hill we needed to go up the car stopped literally stopped. Luckily we was near my dad’s company so we got the car ( When I say we I mean Lee) to there and then left it.

We then had no other choice than to get a taxi from there to Smyths toy store which was a complete farce as I think we rang three different taxi companies. one didn’t answer twice, one had a wait of half an hour and one we couldn’t even ring through to so Lee’s brother who works for my dad which is why he was there rang us a taxi but we still had to wait 20 minutes or so. So by the time we finally go a taxi we had probably been waiting almost an hour! and that was an unexpected cost of I think about 10 pounds before we had even got into the toy shop.

Then we couldn’t get dropped off straight at Smyths as we had to go and get cash from the cash machine which up at Birstal retail park is nowhere near where we needed to be. So once we had got cash we had to walk in the freezing cold over to Smyths and get a few things on Milly’s Christmas list but as we knew we had to get a taxi back we had to be careful what we got. So we still have quite a few bits to get not just for Milly but for other family members but we had planned to go next Thursday when my mum had Milly but that definitely won’t be happening now we will just have to order from Amazon and get everything delivered which isn’t ideal but what else can we do?

So then once we had finished getting what we could we decided to order an Uber thinking it would be easier than trying to get a taxi again…. It was not!

The ordering of the Uber was easy but the lady who was supposed to be picking us up was shocking! Honestly she started 15 minutes away which was fine she got to being two minutes away and then all of a sudden ended up 14 minutes away again, We kept waiting for a while but the time just kept going up so in the end we cancelled and then got a bloody £2 charge for that.

We then ordered a second Uber who was about 5 minutes away who did turn up and was very kind but at that point we was just fed up, we had been waiting in the freezing rain for abut 30 minutes again and we just wanted to get home but we had to pick the car up first so we got dropped off at my dad’s work again which with the previous £2 charge ended up costing us another £20 so it went from being a nice day to a stressful day within 20 minutes of us setting off from home!!

Then we got in our barley working car and had to got to sports direct for Milly’s Manchester United kit and of course they only had one kit in her size and the shorts were stained but the girl offered us 10% off but it makes them non returnable which we decided to take. I have washed them today and luckily the stain has come out. Then we went to pets at home to get Stitch some bedding and on the way back the car got worse and worse.

We was hoping it would last until after our wedding but it is looking very unlikely and for me not having a car basically makes me housebound as because of my extreme anxiety and agoraphobia I will not use any form of public transport and taxis are ridiculously expensive so I just don’t know what to do.

I was already incredibly anxious before we set off and it just got worse and worse throughout the day. Then last night we had to get another taxi to lee’s brother and girlfriend’s new house and I swear it took us an hour to get a taxi but we was waiting outside as we have roadworks on our road directly opposite our house and it is causing absolute mayhem. Than was another £15 so all in all yesterday on taxis/Ubers it cost us an extra £50 we wasn’t expecting so Yeh yesterday was a Bad day. Although we did have a nice time at Lee’s Brothers house and his girlfriend made us a nice tea.

After spending the evening with them and looking around their new house Lee’s brother kindly dropped us home so that saved us another £15 well probably more as it would of been double as it was past midnight.

So yeh yesterday was pretty much a right off .

As always thank’s for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

I hope your shopping trip went better than ours.

love to you all



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