What is going on with Instagram!

So I don’t know if you are all having the same problem as me with Instagram but on both my accounts I keep constantly getting a ban and when I say constantly I mean for the past 4 days I have either gone to post something or like something and this message instantly pops up or just after iv’e finally managed to post something and it’s really pissing me off!

Like I said I have had this popping up on me everyday but with a different date for no reason. I don’t use follower apps, I would never buy followers and all my activity is genuine as I do it all myself and I’m really fed up. Why is everything going wrong for us at moment.

It’s so annoying as I have just joined Tribe which is a great way to work with big brands and now all I seem to be doing is getting this stupid thing pop up!! Is anyone else having this problem?

If anyone has any advice as I would really appreciate it as this will be affecting my engagement levels that I have been working so hard to build and I have just about had enough everything just keeps going wrong.

I want to know if it is happening to you as I have messaged Instagram on every social media platform to try and get answers or help and not had one response which just shows how much they actually care.

If anyone can help PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know as it is just another thing that is getting me down and I just want it sorted so I can post all my photo’s and video’s that I now have stored up because of this stupid ban. Also do we know if this is a glitch or a bug that is causing this message as I just need it sorting as it is happening on both of my accounts!!

I just feel like Instagram hates me for some reason.

That’s all for now! if you have any advice for me please comment I will be more grateful than you will ever know!! Also don’t forget to subscribe!

Love to you all



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