Wedding update! 19/12/19

Can you believe it is only 10 Days until we get married! 10 Days! and I am pretty sure everything is done apart from our last meeting with our wedding planner this Saturday.

By wedding planner I mean person that venue employs to book and kind of help arrange some parts of the day mainly timings and the rest is left to us it’s not like what you see in the movies where they plan everything for us and we just approve it all but then is it really your wedding day then or is it someone else’s vision…. ? I guess like everyone it is each to their own!

Actually I just need to sort my nails being done which hopefully I haven’t left too late as it will be super annoying and disappointing if I can’t get my nails done as they are going to be in the photo’s of course and I don’t want them looking shit.

I’m having my hair done tomorrow. I obviously don’t mean done for the wedding day as it wouldn’t still be in by then 😂😂 but dyed and trimmed etc then I think she is going to do another trial on my hair and then my last trial I think on the 27th just so we know exactly what we are doing on the big day!

I had my make up trial last month and Naomi did a fantastic job. Just have a look at my Instagram she did it perfectly except I think I wouldn’t go quite as dark on my eyelids for the daytime but then my maid of honour is going to touch my make up up for the evening just to make it more evening appropriate if that is a thing.

The cake is sorted and paid for after our cake disaster about two months ago when our cake lady I had booked for months let me down massively I wrote more about that in a previous post. I honestly can’t wait to see the cake I think it is going to be incredible!!

Our photographer is lovely we met her in October I think and went through all the photo’s we want as well as what she thinks would be nice. I think her photos will be amazing and she will capture our day perfectly.

My dress I think we picked up in October as she was closing down so that has been at my mum and dad’s since then and I’m dreading trying it on because WTF am I going to do if it doesn’t fit. I’ve been doing my 5:2 but I think for the next week apart from Christmas day I’m going to do 2 shakes a day everyday just for the week up to the wedding so I don’t look a fat mess in the photo’s and have some hope that my dress may fit.

The suits my Dad picked up yesterday from the hire shop. We now have to hope they fit them as over Christmas the shop is closed so alterations can’t happen so that is another thing to worry about until they have all tried on their suits.

My mum has been put in charge of decorating the venue with her best friend and a few others have volunteered to help so i’m sure that is going to be fine as she knows my vision… that reminds me we need helium for the Balloons.

The flowers I haven’t seen yet but I’m sure they are going to be perfect well I hope so anyway as we will still have to use them no matter what.

We now both have wedding rings which is a good thing and the registrar has been paid for so they will definitely be turning up otherwise the wedding wouldn’t be happening… well wouldn’t be legal

The table plan is finally complete! I don’t know how many table plans I have done but I just got to the point where I was like right that is it. That’s where people are sitting and if their not happy its tough it’s only for about two hours so it will be fine.

Milly is sorted, my bridesmaids are sorted so that’s all good.

The guest list for both day and night is now sorted or almost sorted. The nighttime one is hit and miss but it is roughly at 40 people so we will just have to see who turns up.

I think that is everything. I mean it probably isn’t everything but all the important things I guess.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Love to you all



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