From MISS to MRS👰 30.12.2019

Incase you didn’t know on the 30th December 2019 I got married to the love of my life and it was the most magical day ever!!

On the night of the 29th me, my mum, my mum’s best friend , my bridesmaid and of course Milly stayed over night at a bed and breakfast called Over the bridge and it was lovely the guy who ran it couldn’t do more for us.

The morning of our wedding our make up artist arrived at 7.30am! I wasn’t expecting her until 8.30am but it was fine. I then took Milly up for her breakfast whilst my mum and bridesmaid had their makeup done. One after the other not at the same time obviously.

Then my Hairdressers turned up at 8am I think as it took them a lot less time to get to over the bridge than they expected but it was fine. In the end it worked out well! At about 8.30 my maid of hour turned up and completely sprang into action which was amazingly helpful for me because as always she couldn’t do enough for me.

Just after my maid of honour arrived my Mother in law arrived with my brother in laws girlfriend for their hair and makeup doing and whilst all that was gong on My mum, my mum’s best friend and my bridesmaid all then went to the venue after they had been made up to decorate the wedding venue and they did such an amazing job. It looked so good exactly how I wanted it. I couldn’t have been more grateful to them as I am sure it was probably the last thing they wanted to be doing on the morning of my wedding day but the venue would have charged a minimum of £500 to do it and it probably wouldn’t have looked so good.

Then unfortunately they couldn’t all stay at the venue because they needed to come back to get ready, help me into my dress and have some photo’s done and pick up Milly to take her back to the venue so she was ready to throw the snow down the aisle as she was flower/ snow girl.

Before I start on the ceremony let me tell you about lacing up the back of my dress. It took three people to lace up my dress, not because it didn’t fit just because we ended up in a rush, my mum started panicking so we got my maid of honour and my bridesmaid in to hold the bits of lacing that needed pulling so it was easier for my mum to concentrate on the lacing and the girls helped with the pulling. 😂

After my dad had dropped Lee and the best men at The fleece he then came and picked us up in his Range Rover as we wasn’t going to hire a car to pick me up and drop me off at the venue which was like five minutes up the road, if that to be honest. It was quite interesting getting into my dad’s car as it is quite high and my dress was quite big so there was absolutely no elegance getting in or out of that car but it was fine I didn’t flash anything so I can’t complain.😂😂😂

Then once I arrived there was a member of staff waiting for us to tell us what to do. Then I met with the registrar after it was time for the ceremony. So that all went well until it came to the rings which thankfully didn’t get lost but our best men gave us the wrong rings for the vows which didn’t really matter it was just funny and something we will remember. If it had all gone smoothly it wouldn’t have been mine and Lee’s wedding. After we ad become Mr and Mrs we signed the wedding register, had a few photo’s and then the registrar announced us as the new Mr and Mrs Radcliffe and then instead of confetti everyone threw snow (obviously not real snow) which went absolutely everywhere… the poor cleaners!

We then did about two and a half hours of photo’s which went so fast. By this time me and Lee had already started drinking so some of photo’s our guests have sent are so funny but we was just having a good time and as I hate my photo taking it helped me relaxed. All the posed photo’s we wasn’t drunk at all we was just more relaxed but the evening ones i’m sure are going to be hilarious.

Once we came back in from having our photo’s on the private dirt track so we could get the amazing view of the fields in it was time for the speeches and the food. The speeches were all so good and they all did so well Lee’s brothers nearly made us cry and I’m not a crier. Then it was time for the food which I was very happy about as I was so hungry at this point.

We had fishcake for starter, beef dinner for main and cheesecake for dessert and it was all really nice and that was washed down with plenty of alcohol.

After we had eaten everyone was moved back into our private bar area whilst they changed the room over for the evening. During that time we checked into the bridal suite and then my maid of honour put my hair up as it was doing my bloody head in.

The evening guests started arriving about 6.30pm and obviously the DJ so that was when the party really begun as literally every guest bought us at least on drink and plenty of shots but the funny thing is me and Lee can still remember pretty much everything so I think that is pretty good.

At around 8.15pm we cut the cake and about 8.20pm we did our first dance we didn’t practise for the 1st dance so basically we was just spinning around and around but I kept standing on my dress and so did Lee so I kept having to move it from under our feet. The video is actually funny but it worked well as me and Lee are hilarious anyway so people would have expected it from us.

Then after that it was pretty much drinking and dancing until last orders at the bar which was about 12am then wait until you hear this part so everyone had gone to bed, my mum and dad had Milly just to clarify we wasn’t looking after our daughter whilst drunk and we got up to our room then I had to get my dress of baring in mind it took three people to get me in it and Lee looked at it and said in his exact words “fuck it, I can’t do it, I’m going to bed”

So I was stuck in my dress for a good three maybe four hours. I tried everything I tried pulling at it (which of course made it tighter), I tried sawing it with a key (which did nothing at all but I had no scissors) , I tried watching a YouTube video (which was useless), at one point I got into bed in my dress but it was so tight I couldn’t stand it so I got back out and tried to twist it around to the front and guess what? That didn’t happen either. So I literally just laid on the floor contemplating life but In the end I managed to twist it enough to get it to the side so I could look in the mirror and from them I manged to work it out and get into a rhythm and eventually got it off but I am pretty impressed I managed it to be honest because we had had so much to drink but I did it so go me!

The thing about this tho is it’s another thing we will never forget about our wedding day. I wasn’t even mad at Lee because it was corseted at the back so he had no clue what to do and he has no patience with things like that anyway. So if your dress is a corset at the back make sure you keep someone behind who can undo the god damn thing before you go to bed.

Then in the morning we went down for breakfast with all the people who stayed over night and then packed up all our things and went home as Mr and Mrs!

That was the end of our amazing wedding day! I bet you all wish you had been there don’t you! There will be many photo’s on Instagram throughout this year so make sure you are following @bpd_mummy_to_1 and @millymou_16

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Love to you all