Milly’s 1st full day of playgroup

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but Milly receives special funding called EYPP funding which I think is for her speech or was originally to help her with her speech but I don’t exactly think it has helped much with her speech I do think she is becoming a bit more confident with one of her teachers.

Why I mentioned this is because this funding is now being used for her to do one full day a week up until Easter or at least I think that is what they said anyway. We do have to put some towards at the end of the term I believe.

So anyway she will be doing her full days on Wednesday’s and this includes her staying for lunch. We provide the packed lunch of course and this morning Milly really enjoyed packing her lunch with Lee and deciding what she wanted to take. Yesterday we took her to the supermarket to choose the food she would like to take and then this morning she decided on the quantity and put it all in food bags and then into her lunch box. She absolutely loved it.

Lee dropped her off this morning and she always just wanders in happy as can be but we did obviously make sure she was aware she was staying all day so she didn’t get upset at morning pick up.

Unfortunately today her favourite teacher was off sick and she doesn’t really speak to any of the other staff so she did end up having an accident but it was at 12.15pm which would be when we usually pick her up. I don’t know how many times I have asked the staff and her key worker to take her to the toilet instead of just asking her as she will always say no but they never do. I always feel like they don’t take me seriously at all which sucks as I am her mum.🤷‍♀️

Like I said it was her 1st stay at lunch club today and apparently she sat for absolutely ages eating her lunch and when I looked in her bag she had done pretty well but I don’t know exactly how long she sat there for. I did warn them that she was a slow eater…. I don’t think they thought I meant this slow!🤣🤣

Her key worker told me after she had that one accident she did go to the toilet later on which was good. I was a little concerned that when I picked her up she had a red mark/ bruise on her eyebrow and not one of the staff knew how she had done it but when I asked Milly she didn’t really seem to know either.. So I guess it’s a mystery.🤔

I think she had a good full day. Well she hasn’t said any different so I’m taking it as a win as I was a little worried about it just because of the toilet issue which was actually a genuine concern as she ended up wetting herself.

I will let it slide this week but if it happens again next week I will be asking Lee to pull the staff up on it as she hates having accidents and her face when I mentioned it was so sad and her little head went down so I just explained to her that accident’s happen but if she needs a wee to tell her teacher or just go by herself.

That’s all on Milly’s first full day as I wasn’t there so I can only tell you what I have been told.

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Love to you all



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