There is a fournado on it’s way!

So tonight is Milly’s last night as a Threenager and I literally can’t believe how fast our tiny 5lb 11oz baby girl that was born at 37 weeks and had to wear under 5lb baby clothes that absolutely swamped her has now grown into an independent, bossy, crazy, cheeky, kind and loving little girl that we couldn’t be more proud of. 😍😍😍

Tomorrow on her actual 4th birthday we are going to take her shopping and to the cinema to see Frozen 2 as we have been meaning to go see it since it came out but we just haven’t had chance.

I do have some mum guilt as she literally has three presents to open in the morning but we have just had Christmas and I know for a fact she is going to be spoilt by other family members and I do think she will love her present but I just hope she isn’t upset as I know that it’s not about how many presents you get but to a four year old it is.

she has been given some money from my Grandma and we are going to take her to build a bear to make a birthday bear tomorrow also so she will 100% feel special we will make sure of that.

I guess it is kind of pressure from social media in a way as you see these kids with like a huge pile of presents and it all looks amazing and Milly just has a few banners, some balloons and three presents and I just worry what people will think. I would love to buy her piles of things but A) she doesn’t really need it and B) she still has toys from Christmas she hasn’t played with yet so buying her more things would just be pointless and a part of me knows that but then the other part of me feels awful. 🤷‍♀️

On Saturday she is also having her first birthday party that isn’t just family. We have invited her little friends from playgroup and other places and she is really excited but I’m just really worried that it’s not going to live up to people’s standards. I don’t want her to be that kid who’s mum can’t even throw her a decent birthday party so I am really worried about that too but there will be a bouncy castle so hopefully that distracts them from anything that go’s wrong. I haven’t even had her a cake made we are literally going to have to buy her one tomorrow which I know for a fact will be looked down on as these parents don’t do shop bought cake but it’s either shop bought or no cake, so it will be shop bought.

I just really hope her party isn’t a let down as my anxiety is already through the roof about it I don’t think I would cope if anything went wrong. I am more anxious about this than I was about our wedding day and I really don’t know why but my mind is just going crazy about this party being perfect.

Anyway lets just hope she has a good birthday tomorrow and an amazing party on Saturday and then I will be happy and if it all goes to shit then I will probably just fall apart…. so fingers crossed! 🤞🤞

That’s all for now as I need to get some sleep before our little princess wakes up. If you want to see photo’s from her birthday follow @bpd_mummy_to_1 and @millymou_16 on Instagram.

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Love to you all


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