🎉Milly’s 4th Birthday Party🎉

Milly’s 4th Birthday went well but it wasn’t without it’s glitches of course. We arranged it so of course it wasn’t smooth sailing but it the end Milly and all her little friends had a really good time once the bouncy castle was finally cleaned, inflated and dried as the people who dropped it off for some reason didn’t think to check it before setting off but anyway about 30 minutes in it was finally ready for the kids to go on thanks to my dad.

I forgot the party bags and couldn’t think where they were so Lee set of home to only realise the keys were in my pocket so instead he ended up going to the newsagents and paying triple the price of the original bags but at least in the end all the kids had a party bag except Milly but I made her a little on so she didn’t feel left out even tho she had a table full of presents.

Last slight glitch was the pass the parcel game as my dad was in charge of the music and I was trying to make it fair so they all got a prize but my dad kept getting distracted and wasn’t watching for the signal which he decided on. I think I did too many layers as they started getting bored but this was our 1st birthday party that wasn’t just family and apart from these few things it went well but next year we will definitely be hiring out a play gym as then they do it all. 🤣🤣

At this party my mum was on drinks for parents and cake cutting and serving, My dad was on fixing problems and helping where needed, Lee was on catering and doing odd jobs and I was in charge of everything else actually I also think my brother in law jumped in to do some washing up in the end so by the end of the party we was all exhausted.

It was worth it for the smile on Milly’s face. I think 16 of her little friends came in the end which was pretty good, They mainly played on the bouncy castle and with the Balloons (well the ones that didn’t pop) but we did provide a buffet, two party games with prizes and cake which I think is absolutely fine for a four year old’s party.

That is pretty much it to be honest. Thanks for reading as always if you enjoy my blog please subscribe.

Love to you all



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