Lets talk bedtimes!

Hi everyone I know I have been really useless with my blog recently but I have had so much going on it has just been ridiculous. So now the longest Month in the year is over with. (January as it has like 3000 days right?🤣) let’s talk about the dreaded bedtime.

So Milly usually go’s to bed between 7pm and 8pm most nights and going to bed she is pretty good but like every other four year old she will try every and any excuse to drag it out longer. These are her main ones:

I’m hungry

I’m all of a sudden dying of thirst

I need a wee

I need a plaster ( for a cut that dosen’t exisit)

My ……… hurts (even tho she was running around perfectly fine downstairs)

These problems only appear when she gets into bed. I know she is not the only one that does this…. right?

So in general she is pretty good at going to bed but if she wakes up during the night or more like early morning that is when the issues really start as I’m too soft basically.

So she always wants me and i’m always exhausted and just want to get back to sleep and she used to go back to sleep no problems at all but now she has started playing up and I really struggle to take control of the situation as I give her too many chances and I know I do but I am trying to work on it.

Where as when Lee comes in after me he is already annoyed at me for not being firmer so he has to be the mean one who takes her toys away when she doesn’t stop screaming which I don’t have a problem with him doing I just struggle to do it myself but I know I do need to start doing it and just grow a pair or she will just continuously play up for me if Lee isn’t there.

I am a little better than I used to be at telling her off but with my illness it depends on my mood to how I react to her behaviour. Some days I have a high tolerance other days I just can’t cope with it.

Don’t get me wrong she isn’t a bad kid she is just at that age where she just keeps pushing to see how far she can take it and she knows exactly what she is doing.

She is only 4 and she needs routine and if that changes without any warning that’s when shit hits the fan and everything goes down hill so we constantly have to prepare her for new things months in advance so she knows exactly what is happening.

I do my best to keep bedtime simple. We do bath, pyjamas, bed, book, cuddles and kisses then sleep. Most of the time it goes to plan other times not so much.

What are your children’s bedtime routines and Do you find they work?

That’s all for tonight. Thanks for reading!

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Love to you all