Our Day at The Deep in Hull! 19/02/2020

On Wednesday we decided to take Milly to visit The Deep in Hull and obviously everyone else in Yorkshire had that exact same idea obviously because it was packed!

We bought our tickets online we still had to que outside for an hour and then about half an hour to get into the actual attraction.

Which was a bit of a downer to Milly’s special treat day but it did get better once we finally got into the aquarium.

The great thing about The Deep is that you pay once and then the rest of the year is free which I find really helpful as for the rest of the year we have a cheap day out if needed.

It costs £13.50 online per adult and £15 on the door and for children aged 3 – 15 years it costs £10.57 online and £11.75 on the door and under 3 is free!

So as you enter you have the option of going up the stairs or the lift which brings you to the level of the restaurant and the ticketed entrance where you enter the exhibit Awakening Seas .

Which is all about Exploring the history of the sea from 4 billion years ago up until present day. We saw and touched fossils, dinosaurs and learnt lots from the interactive stations The deep offer. It’s very interesting for both adults and children.

The next exhibit you come to is called the Lagoon Of Light  and this is a really cool area that is made to represent a tropical paradise around the Western Pacific Ocean.

The Lagoon is so fun to sit at and watch all the fish swim around the tank. Milly loves this area. The Lagoon is full of tropical fish rays and small sharks. They also feed the fish daily at 12pm and 4pm. So if you want to see and learn more about the fish in the tank make sure you get to the Lagoon of light for feeding times.

Also in the Lagoon Of Light is Dylan’s Discovery Corner which is great for the little ones as they can jump around the interactive floor which Milly enjoys and there is a sandpit that they can search for fossils in. Just a reminder they do close off this area  when the touchpool sessions are on.

Touchpool sessions are worth a visit as it gives the kids a chance to meet crabs, starfish and sea urchins. Milly was a little wary at first but enjoyed it after a little while. These sessions are every hour starting from 10.30am until 4.30pm every day so make sure you try get to one of these sessions.

Next up is the Coral Reef . It’s just so pretty to look at as you pass it on your way to the Endless Ocean. There is also lots of information about the Coral reef. Some you will know and some you won’t. You learn without actually knowing your learning which is why it’s great for kids, teens and adults!
The Endless Ocean is 10m deep and hold 2.5 million litres of water! Yes I said Million!!! 😱 and guess how much salt? Go on guess! 87 tonnes!!!

This exhibit is awsome if you like the bigger marine animals like rays and Sharks. When I say Rays I mean the honeycomb whiptail rays or as I call them (the giant ones 🤣) .

You may also see Reef sharks, Zebra Sharks, and a very impressive Green Sawfish apparently there are two. We could have seen both if they look exactly the same 😂 but I have no idea. Cool fact they are the only pair in the UK! So if you want to see them you better get yourself to The Deep

We also saw at least one of the loggerhead sea turtles in the distance of the tank. We also got to see the divers for the 1st time ever! Where they hand feed the sharks which was pretty cool! Milly loved it as she waved and did the 👌🏻 sign to them.

We have never got to see the divers before as the only feed them at 2pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday’s so get to the tank early to get a good view. They also clean the tanks on Tuesday and Thursday’s so you may see them around on those days too.

There is also a slime exhibit which we did walk through but will definitely explore better next time we visit.

They opened a new exhibit this week called Changing Seas. It is all about how climate change affects our oceans and what it does to the animal’s that live there.

They have some really cool new species to see including red lionfish, yellow dogface pufferfish, leopard moray eel and a soft coral display.

There is also the Amazon Flooded Forest and the Cool Seas exhibits to check out.

The Amazon exhibit contains what I would call the ugly fish by this I mean catfish, Black Pacu and a vegetarian piranha. (I know I didn’t know they existed either. There are also plenty more fish in the sea 🤣🙈 (see what I did there)

The cool seas has a whole lot of different species to look at including jellyfish, eels, sharks and of course more fish. You have to really look for them tho as they like to blend in with the scenery. Apart from the jellyfish of course.

Coming next is my favourite exhibition The Kingdom Of Ice this is where you get to see the Penguins. I love the Penguins because they are so funny and so unpredictable and if you get there for feeding time you will see them all come to life. They also do a talk whilst feeding the Penguins so you can learn all about them whilst watching them go crazy for their food! Feeding times are at 11.30am and 3.30pm so definitely try get to one when you visit.

The Deep Blue one is the exhibit that was so busy we will have to look at next time. I do know that is has some very exotic fish in it. I will update on this once we have had chance to have a real look on next visit.

The Underwater Viewing Tunnel and lift is my second favourite part after the penguins of course as you get to see the sharks, fish etc all swimming over head and then the lift you go up through the water and see all different marine life as you go up in the clear lift.

There are also two restaurants. One called the castaways cafe and the other called the halfway cafe which only opens weekends and school holidays.

On our visit we went to castaway cafe which for an attraction is reasonably priced. It opens at 10am to 5.30pm everyday. They serve both hot and cold food and drinks.

We of course also visited the gift shop and Milly got a baby pink penguin and a few other bits and pieces.

I am glad we stuck it out In the que as we had a lovely family day and we will definitely be visiting again soon maybe with some of our other family members.

Next time tho I think we will have a plan so we see everything. Just one more thing they do also have experiences that you can pay extra for and they aren’t cheap but I imagine   they are very good. Check out their website for more information on those.

I think that’s all I have to say about our day at The Deep for now!

If you are in Yorkshire or visiting I highly recommend a trip to The Deep. Just get there early to avoid big ques especially in the school holidays and I Imagine the weekend.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed our review. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog 😘

Love to you all