Let’s talk toys !

Today I want to talk toys because although Milly is a girl she loves toys that some people would say are “boys” toys which I do find ridiculous because why are dinosaurs and cars for boys? and why are babies and princesses for girls? They are all just fun things to play with.

When it comes to Milly we have always just let her choose what she wants (within reason) from the shops and for Birthday’s and Christmas. Sometimes she will choose super “girly” toys and other times she will just want a car or a monster truck and I’m absolutely fine with that.

Just because she plays football and loves monster trucks doesn’t mean she wants to be a boy because I can guarantee you she doesn’t. If you ask her are you a boy or a girl she will say “I’m not a boy! I’m a girl … silly mummy” they are her exact words!

Lee is absolutely fine with Milly dressing up as the hulk but I think if we ever had a boy he would struggle with him dressing up as a princess but that isn’t because he thinks it will make him a girl. It’s just that in his world it’s not a normal thing but for me I wouldn’t care. So that is something we do disagree on but I do thin that it is men who struggle more when it comes to boys as Milly’s friends dad who has a boy says exactly the same as Lee so I do think it’s just something more men struggle with.

I’m not saying it’s just men tho as iv’e seen women in stores with a devastated child because they couldn’t have a doll or a barbie or whatever because it’s not a toy for that child’s gender and I just don’t understand it.

Then I have to remember that it’s not my child and not everybody wants their child to play with the opposite genders toys and that is none of my business but it doesn’t stop me feeling sorry for that child.

It’s the same with colours! Dose it matter if a boys favourite colour is pink or a girls is blue. I mean in the long run is this something that really needs to be drawn attention too. I personally don’t think it matters.

So what I want to know is do you allow your child to play with whatever toy they want or do you stick to gender specific toys? No judgement I’m just interested!

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Love to you all



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