Baby and Toddler Show -Manchester 2020

On the 14th of March 2020 we were kindly gifted two tickets to visit the Baby and Toddler show at Event City in Manchester and it was amazing! I’m so glad we went because we got to meet so many fantastic businesses and the amazing people behind the businesses of course.

So let me start by talking about the show it’s self and then I will move onto the businesses. So as we walked in there was a selfie station (of course! I mean what event doesn’t) and we jumped on that and got a few selfie’s and photo’s with Milly before we ventured further in to see what was going on.

It was huge! There was leading brands, known brands and new brands and to be honest they were all as interesting as each other. We walked around and tried to speak to all the businesses there and if we didn’t get a chance to speak to them we still looked at all their products and some have some very exciting new products launching this year.

So what I did like about this event is how organised it was. There was enough space between each exhibit to actually be able to have a good luck without being pushed around by people trying to just get through. They also provided their own changing area with nappies of all sizes and wipes, a private feeding area for both breast and bottle feeding with a microwave, bottle warmers and comfy seats which both expectant and baby mamas need either just to sit for a minute or whilst feeding. They had normal toilets in the event hall also of course.

There was a dining area where you could get both cooked, cold, snack food and both hot or cold drinks and there was plenty of seating also. We didn’t have to wait long at all as they were running like a well oiled machine.

Not only did they have loads of stalls they also had Expert advice workshops throughout the day. We didn’t actually get to any of them but a lot of people said how good and informative they were and they learnt a lot especially from the British Red Cross baby first aid class. Which you had to book onto when you arrived to get a spot.

There was five workshops available to visit on the Saturday and apart from the first aid you could just drop in. Here is what was offered :

5 Essential Relaxation Techniques for a Calm and Positive Birth. – (by Anja Moncrieff – pregnancy and birth coach)

Your Feeding Options – (Katie Hilton _ MAM Consultant Midwife)

Helping your Baby to Sleep Well in Three Easy Steps – (Lauren Peacock – Little Sleep Stars)

Baby First Aid – (British Red Cross)

Hypnobirthing, What’s Behind the Hype? – (Natalie Qureshi -Birth Coach)

The event was run so well and so organised I was really impressed and would definitely recommend a visit to there next event. Visit their website to see where and when the next one is and get your tickets. Adults are £14 each, Grandparents and groups of 4+ are £11 each and children under 16 go free.

Now lets talk shops! We met so many lovely people with the most genius of ideas that I total wish were out when we had Milly as they would have made life so much easier!

One of these products is called a Snugglebundl and it is probably on of the greatest ideas I’ve seen for newborn babies up until 18 months old. Why? I hear you thinking well I’m going to tell you why, Actually No I’m not I’m going to show you. Watch this Demo and you will be sold! I nearly bought one and my child is 4 not for her just because it is such a great idea. They also make a Dollybundl for dolls which of course Milly wanted and now does her own little demonstrations with but I wouldn’t recommend following Milly’s directions as that would be bad.

This demo on this video was done at the baby show by the company but the safety expert who backs this product all the way did them also and I can see why they advocate for them. They also have awards coming out of their ears!Which I am also not surprised about. Seriously check out their website.

Another company I must tell you about is EasyTots and if you haven’t heard about them you need to get to know them as they have everything you need for weaning right up until age5+ and the products do not disappoint. We actually got to meet the owner of Easytots at the baby and toddler show and she kindly gifted us an EASYMAT ORIGINAL ‘TRANSITION TO TABLE’ SUCTION PLATE (PINK) and it is so good the Easymat stays stuck to the table and catches all the food that doesn’t quite make it into Milly’s mouth so it stops the food ending up all over the floor and the spoon that comes with it is also fantastic it really helps Milly to get her food and keep it on the spoon as it bends both ways to help get and keep the food on the spoon it also gets into the corners of the plate/bowl much easier than a metal or plastic spoon which then stops her getting frustrated and makes her eat more so it was a total win. We will definitely be adding more of these EasyTots products to our collection and you should too!

The next product I have to tell you about is Cuddledry this is a towel that you wear like an apron so when you are bathing your baby it keeps you dry and then when it’s time to get your baby out you have use of both hands and as newborns can be a little slippery this gives you peace of mind when removing them from the bath and ten you just wrap them in the towel you are wearing (which is a big towel probably the size of a bath sheet) so they don’t get cold and once again you don’t get soaked! It is also not just made of unbleached cotton it is also made of natural bamboo fibre as well. So it is like a blanket and towel all in one. I mean they have won over 50 international awards!! They also make bamboo hooded soft towels for both 1-3 year olds and 3-6 year olds and they are different characters and so soft. I wish they made them for adults. This is definetly another product I would highly recommend having. They also do gift and bundle sets too which look pretty cool also.

Let me tell you about bibbily boo and why you will fall in love with this brand just like we have. So this is a brand that is run by a normal mum and dad who created this waterproof bib for their own daughter as she would go through over 30 bibs a day due to dribbling and they tried every bib out there that they could find so they decided to design their own and what a great job they did as they went from using over 30 bibs a day to just one! I mean how amazing is that? It is a fabric bib that is waterproof, Highly absorbent, lies flat so they don’t get any chin rub which is exactly what you want! Well let me tell you something else all their bibs are handmade by them in the UK and they both work second jobs. They are two of the most passionate people and we are so excited to work with them and watch their business grow. Their bibs are for Newborn up to five years old as they try cater for children with disabilities also so that makes them even more special. I can see them doing so well. They have also been featured in Tatler and they got VOTED INDY BEST BIB – INDEPENDENT ONLINE MAR 2020. They do so many different patterns for both girls, boys and unisex. Check out their website and follow them on social media.

There were so many amazing brands that we spoke to on our visit and these brands just stood out to us.

If you haven’t heard about crumbs away then I suggest you take a look at their website as I love this product. So what it is is a Ladybird that picks up crumbs, toys lego and all sorts without batteries and they make one for the car also. Milly loves using it to clean up and I just find it seriously handy. Watch this YouTube video and you will be sold I’m sure!! The lady who owns the company is lovely also so if you have any questions then I’m sure she will be happy to help.

Pickle This is a small Clothing company called Pickle but their products are gorgeous. So soft and well made and the owner is so lovely. They make mainly childrens clothes but they have a few adult sweatshirts so you can twin with your child!!

hippychick had some pretty cool products including a trike that turned into a balance bike as they got more confident and Milly loved it. Check out their website as they literally had so many exciting products to buy.

Bear hugs and eskimo kisses is a super cute company that creates some amazing high quality bespoke children’s furniture and I highly recommend giving them a look and at least a like for their page.

We was kindly gifted a beautiful bow from Too Much Cute and I was so impressed by their selection of bows, tiaras, crowns and suprise bags and that’s just to mention a few. I think you will find everything you need for your princess on this website.

Last but definitely not least we have Wild Folk They sell so many stunning handmad products including reversible duvet covers, blankets and cushions etc out of the most gorgeous fabric. Another website to check out!

There was over 250 shops at this baby and toddler event and they were all amazing shops so if you want to check out all of them here

So all in all it was a great event and we will definitely be back next year!

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Love to you all



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