Let’s talk lockdown 2020!

I thought I would write this so when we beat this Virus we will have this post to look back on and remember how crazy the world was and that the Corona virus literally bought the world to a stand still.

On March 23rd 2020 Boris Johnson announced that the UK would go into lockdown to slow the spread of the Corona virus and that he would review the situation in 3 weeks.

This is the day that everyone’s world was literally turned upside down. We went from being able to do what we wanted, go where we wanted and see who we wanted to be told we were to stay home unless we needed essentials, daily exercise which we could do once a day, anything medical apart from that we must stay home.

People who could work from home had to and others were put on furlough but we had frontline workers who had to go to work to keep our country running this included NHS staff, supermarket staff, bin men, doctors, carers, delivery drivers and more but these people put their lives in danger to keep us safe.

Toilet paper, soap, bleach, hand sanitizer and pasta sold out everywhere across the nation. Why? Because of panic buyers who decided to buy everything no matter if they needed it or not. So supermarkets and paper shops put a limit on all items until they could replenish stock.

All none essential shops and services was forced to close this included McDonald’s and Walt Disney World (this was a worldwide pandemic so I added Disney world to show how serious it was as Diney never closes.)

Schools closed to all children apart from for Keyworkers children so some teachers still had to go into school and parents had to homeschool which was a shock to us all.

Every Thursday at 8pm we stood at our front door and clapped for the NHS Staff and Keyworkers to show our appreciation.

We made rainbows with our children to put in our windows to show our support. It was a small token but it made people smile.

We had to stay away from our family to keep them safe. We had to video chat with them and that was it.

On the 16th of April lockdown was extended for another 3 weeks. All rules stayed the same but the death toll increased daily but so did the recovery rate thanks to our fantastic NHS staff.

On the 11th of May Boris Johnson released his plan on how he was going to relax lockdown in phases over the next few months. This was the most confusing announcement he has made so far. Literally the whole nation was confused.

So on the 12th of May the Prime minister spoke again in some ways clarifying what we were now allowed to do. Phase 1 started From today. People who couldn’t work from home could go to work but only if necessary and it was safe for them to do so as long as they didn’t have to travel on public transport and could keep a safe distance from other employees.

As of Wednesday the 13th of May We could now do unlimited amount of exercise outside, sunbathe in the park, play sports outside but only with people from your household and can meet 1 to 1 with someone from a different household. We can also go on drives to anywhere we want in the Uk as a family and the message changed from stay home to stay Alert which a lot of people thought was a bad idea including Scotland and Wales who didn’t relax their lockdown and didn’t change their caption.

I will continue to add to this as we continue the fight against Corona virus. If you can think of anything else let me know in the comments and I will add it to this post. 13/05/2020.

On Sunday 24th May Boris Johnson announced that primary school, Early years settings and playgroups will open on June 1st 2020 for reception, year 1 and year 6.

I can confirm that Milly will not be returning until we feel it’s safe which we and many other parents don’t. The union don’t want them to open as they don’t think it’s safe but obviously our Prime minister knows best…. not!

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Stay safe everyone! Love to you all!



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