Quarantine 2020!

I thought I would answer these 21 questions about quarantine, how it effected our life, what we learned from it and just some general questions on Lock down because of the corona virus. It will be interesting to look back on this in a years time and see if anything changed.

  1. What Quarantine has taught me? Quarantine has taught me that we took everything for granted. Like freedom, family, The NHS , food and even toilet paper. We could do almost anything we wanted and then all of a sudden we couldn’t do anything we wanted and that was a big shock to our system.
  2. I’m glad I don’t have to… anymore? I am glad I don’t have to get dressed anymore. I have daytime pyjama’s and night time pyjama’s. The only time I actually get dressed is if I go in the car with Lee and milly for a drive.
  3. What Iv’e been taking for granted? I have realised Iv’e been taking having what I need, when I need it for granted. Like my mum and dad looking after Milly when we needed them too , getting my medication when needed and not having to worry if the pharmacy can get it in, Milly going to playgroup daily during the week and dance class on Saturday’s. We didn’t realise how lucky we was until over night everything was taken from us.
  4. If I could have anything for the rest of this lock down What would it be? It would be for Milly to have contact with our families and to have cuddles and for things to be a little bit normal for her. She has really struggled with lock down so for her to just get to visit her family like normal would be really good for her.
  5. What am I going to tell my kids/ grandkids about this? The truth! I am going to tell them that there was a deadly virus called the corona virus and it was a worldwide outbreak which is called a pandemic. We had to stay home and stay away from our family and friends to keep them safe, supermarkets ran out of almost everything and the world pretty much stopped for a long time. It was scary but we got through it.
  6. What has the easiest part of this whole thing been? Being in Lockdown with my husband and our beautiful daughter Milly. She struggled with lock-down but she has come on so much in her development and we couldn’t be prouder of her.
  7. I’m increasing my knowledge by? To be honest I haven’t really done anything to increase my knowledge.
  8. What was I looking forward to but was cancelled due to corona virus? I was looking forward to going on holiday to Pittsburgh and attending my brothers wedding and seeing Milly as their flower girl. It may still happen in September but who knows?
  9. One thing I wish the world would learn from this is? We are not indestructible. We are not even in charge of the planet. We are just little people in a big world and we need to remember that.
  10. The worst part of all this has been? Seeing Milly struggle with change. Watching her become terrified of people, especially people in masks and not being able to do much about it or to make it better for her.
  11. What is the most bizarre thing I have heard so far ? That 5G caused the Corona virus.
  12. What my binge worthy shows have been? Ink master, Lie to me, Upload, Homecoming, Criminal Minds…
  13. What is the first thing I’m going to do when this is all over? Have all the family round to our house for a BBQ or buffet depending on the weather!
  14. I’m taking this as an opportunity to? Spend time as a family and not having to rush around here, there and everywhere to make sure everyone else is happy. After this if people don’t make time to see us (especially Milly) then we won’t make time to see them. It’s not going to be one sided anymore.
  15. What is something I have learned about myself during this time? That I rely on others help way more than I thought.
  16. What has been our best source of entertainment? Milly by far has been the best entertainment ever. She has come out with some of the best one liners I have ever heard.
  17. What is the biggest way my life has changed? I wouldn’t say my life changed in a massive way as I didn’t like going out anyway due to my agoraphobia and anxiety anyway. So probably the biggest change is that Lee and Milly are home 24/7 and that we don’t see our family that we used to see on a weekly basis.
  18. What is one thing that will never change? The love I have for my little family and the rest of our family.
  19. What have I been practising? Nothing!
  20. What does an average day look like for me now? My average day now looks like this. Get up, have breakfast, entertain Milly all day, put Milly to bed, watch something on tv, go to bed and repeat every day after that.
  21. What has my go -to snack been? Chocolate 🍫🍫🍫

That is a little about us during lock down. Now it’s your turn to answer these questions even if it’s just to keep for yourself to look back on when all of this is over.

Thanks for reading as always! Don’t forget to subscribe to my little blog! 😘😘😘

Stay safe, Love to you all



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